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Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Heaviness with no Heaviness

Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Heaviness with no Heaviness. New single is OUT NOW!

(digital) [akt-produkt 43] CLICK TO DOWNLOAD–7 1. Emptiness Has Come 2. Heaviness with no Heaviness Here’s only emptiness and its echo, the heaviness of emptiness – enormous, becoming abstract, and thus growing absolute. But, nonetheless, there’s no heaviness within. This is the second single to the hypothetic album by Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices]. As well as […]

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New track “The Spring Of The Earth” is out NOW!

I am proud to announce that my new track “The Spring Of The Earth” is out NOW on UK based label Sombre Soniks, as a part of V/A – Dark Ambient Vol. 17 Original announcement text from the label Sombre Soniks: “Seventeenth in thee series of bi-annual kompilations presenting 23 Dark Ambient kompositions, now entering […]

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NARUZKO “Vices of our time”

NARUZKO is proud to announce that the second album “Vices of our time” is out now!!! “Experimental music from Saint-Petersburg! Music about loneliness that surrounds us from all sides. About hopelessness in trying to get rid of it. You came to this world alone and in the same way you will leave it. However, the […]

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Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Less Than Nothing

First studio release of Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – «Less Than Nothing» is OUT NOW! Experimental black metal with horns – but, anyway, it doesn’t sound like what one could imagine when hearing of «black metal» and, actually, what does this «black» of «black metal» mean? Negation, non-human, nothingness? Or even something that is less than nothing? Eat […]

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Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – I Would Like to Kill

Just released a new LIVE compilation with Zhertvoprinosheniya! This release is specially important to me because of two reasons: it is my first ever release where I play drums; second of all – this is the first release for Zhertvoprinosheniya where the band changed style to black metal aesthetic.  Check this out! Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – I […]

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Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Duke Dirt

Just finished mixing and mastering works for this release! If you need mixing or mastering for your record, do not hesitate to contact me! Amazing darkacoustic, experimental, funeraleai project from Saint-Petersburg! Check this out! Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Duke Dirt (digital) [akt-produkt 30] The second «official» album of Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices], an ensemble of «experimental funeral music» from Saint Petersburg, does […]

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