Sergei Tumanov is also working as a visual artist, a composer and an actor, known for short movies: Трое и цемент | Two Mobsters and Cement (2016), Red and Black (2016) The Two (2014). Visual projects: Michael Pisaro - melody, silence (released by UNDER SOUND, 2018) and Deep Falling (released by UNDER SOUND, 2020).

Currently, Sergei is working as a sound engineer and sound producer for several movies and visual art projects.

If you need a sound designer, sound engineer or a composer for your video project or performance,
feel free to contact me directly.




Visual Artist:
2020 - Deep Falling (video installation)
2018 - Melody, Silence (by Michael Pisaro, performed by Denis Sorokin)

Sound Directing, Sound Engineering:
2019 - Lock Bazz (performance by Nastya Perminova)
2018 - Демиург | Demiurg (movie by Alexey Erberg)
2016 - Трое и цемент | Two Mobsters and Cement (short movie by Alexey Erberg)

2016 - Red and Black (short movie)
2016 - Трое и цемент | Two Mobsters and Cement (short movie)

2014 - The Two (short movie) - as Luke

2019 - Messanger (music video by Lestnisa band, Melbourne, Australia) - as a consultant



Red and Black (trailer)


Two groups of five players are separated and placed in dark rooms, playing a game called "Red and Black", where you have to vote for one of two options: collaborate with your opponent or sink them and gain money for it.

Director: Timur Safiullin
Writers: Timur Safiullin
Produced by: Frederico Mozzato, Timur Safiullin
Cast: Mark Robert Walters, Nores Cerfeda, Alexander Hipwell, Tony Bennet, Gen Guild, Les Horovitz
Music by: Sergei Tumanov, Naruzko

Country: Australia
Language: English
Runtime: 11 min
Color: Color
Year: 2016
Genre: Short, Drama

Трое и Цемент | Two Mobsters and Cement


Release Date: 1 October 2016 (Russia). Short comedy/crime movie about two gangsters and interesting circumstances.

Director: Alexey Erberg
Writers: Alexey Erberg
Produced by: Peter Berdnikov, Alexey Erberg, Gleb Klimov
Cast: Alexey Popov, Ivan Volkov
Music by: Denis Sorokin, Sergei Tumanov

Country: Russia
Language: Russian (English subtitles)
Runtime: 7 min
Color: Color
Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy, Short, Crime


Oliver has gone through a long journey towards his dream of having power to change the reality around himself. Luke is a person with a strong belief in the ideal. Their lives change once they see each other.

Director: Timur Safiullin 
Writers: Timur Safiullin
Produced by: Timur Safiullin
Cast: Sergei Tumanov, Cy Gorman

Country: Australia
Language: English
Runtime: 3 min
Color: Color
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Short