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Sergei Tumanov is a sound artist, freelance musician, sound and music producer based in Melbourne, Australia.

As a member of several different projects with local and foreign musicians and artists, Sergei is mainly working in experimental music and sound art fields. Sergei is also the founder of NCTMMRN (Australia based independent record label) and co-founder of UNDER SOUND (an international independent video label dedicated to different forms of visual art).

As well as a solo artist as in collaborations with other artists, including such names as Denis Sorokin (RUS), Alexander Markvart (RUS/GER), Kenneth Kovasin (FIN), Patrick K.H. (RUS/AT), Dråsa (USA/CAN), Tencu (EE), Michael McNab (AU), David Brown (AU), Anthony Cooley (AU), Stevie Richards (AU), Eric Wong (USA/GER), Clinton Green (AU) and many others, Sergei has more than 30 releases published and distributed around the world.

Sergei is regularly performing/touring across Australia, Europe and Russia. He performed at several major art events, festivals and contemporary art exhibitions, including: “Art Night | Ночь Музеев”, “Open Look”, “Aposition” (in Saint-Petersburg, Russia); Ночь Света | Lightnights Festival (in Gatchina, Russia); “Disainiöö” (in Tallinn, Estonia); “Akusmata Festival”, “JOZIK FEST” (in Helsinki, Finland), “Performance Art Festival – PerfImmaterial 2017” (in Pori, Finland); Current 2018 #2 ‘Interstice’ Festival (in Melbourne, Australia); and many others.

Sergei is also working as a sound and music producer, composer and sound engineer. His portfolio also includes several visual and cinema projects, including: “Two Mobsters & Cement” and “The Alchemist” (short films by Alexey Erberg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia), “Red & Black” (short film by Timur Safiullin, Melbourne, Australia) and others. More information about his works in the cinematic field can be found on Sergei’s IMDB profile.

At the moment as the area of main interest Sergei focuses on researching new ways of sound and sound extraction from different objects (electronic and domestic) and uses different sound/noise generators and acoustic and electro instruments. Sergei is widely using field recordings and exploring the contribution between an artist and his environment (whether it is nature or city or anything else).