Here you can find information about current and past collaborations between Sergei and other artists. Sergei Tumanov's music projects are listed below. Sergei is mainly working as a freelance musician and sound artist, however during several years he has efficiently been participating with other musicians and artists.



Sergei Tumanov solo
Genre: drone, noise, eai, ambient, experimental, soundtracks, soundscapes, field recordings, sound art
Position: this is the main solo project, publishing as Sergei Tumanov as well as Saliatahn
Years: since 1996
Releases: The New (1996), The Reflection Of Spiritual Condition (1997), split with Denis Sorokin (2014), Objects And Flows (2014), Consequences (2016), Earth: experience (2017), Live in Melbourne, Australia (2018), Melupurkaus (2018), Live At The Fitzroy Pinnacle, Melbourne, Australia (2019)
..dno< sound theater
Genre: drone, noise, eai, ambient, experimental, soundscapes, field recordings
Position: co-founder, instruments & objects, tour management
Years: since 2014
Releases: Untitled (2015), Ritual Machine (2015), Grave Molto (2015), Invisible fields (2015), Copernicum (2015), अंधकार (2016), 2.04 (2017), Similarity (2018), Live in Tallinn, Estonia (2018)
Genre: drone, experimental, no black, metal, avant-garde
Position: drums, electronics, effects, percussion, sound-engineering
Years: since 2016
Releases: I Would Like to Kill (live compilation part 1) (2018), Thermodynamics (live compilation part 2) (2018), Less Than Nothing (2019)
Animi Vultus

Genre: experimental, black metal, doom metal, avant-garde
Position: founder, manager, all instruments
Years: since 2002
Releases: Ia Tenebrarum (2002), Angels of Disharmony (2003), Falling (2004), Reflections Of Unholy Souls (2009), Fragments (2010), Winter Night (2011), Innerside (2012), Discrimination (2017)

Naruzko promo
Project: NARUZKO
Genre: experimental electronics, trip-hop, abstract rap
Position: co-founder, drums, electronics, management
Years: since 2014
Releases: Probability as Dust (2015), Vices of Our Time (2019)


Undeon promo
Project: UNDEON
Genre: post metal, progressive metal
Position: guitar, management
Years: 2014 - 2017
Spaceking logo
Genre: co-founder, post metal, sludge, stoner rock
Position: guitar
Years: 2009 - 2013, partly joined in 2017
Releases: Boot Leg (2011), In the Court of the Spaceking (2013)
Oksymoron promo
Genre: avant-garde metal, black metal, melodic metal
Position: founder, guitar, management
Years: 2002 - 2011
Releases: Thesecondemon (2004), Rebirth (2005), promo (2006), Godog (2012)