A new track "fire on a way home" (remixed-composition) for AEMC Records is out! - Sergei Tumanov

A new track “fire on a way home” (remixed-composition) for AEMC Records is out!

I am happy to announce my participation in the “Communal Music Vol. 12” compilation which is released by AEMC Records (Netherlands). A track “fire on a way home” is available HERE.

From the label: “
This album is part of the Communal Music series. AEMC created this ongoing experiment as an exploration of the usage of audio sources, the methodology of experimental ambient composers and sound in general.

Beforehand, each composer contributed audio-recorded instruments, field recordings, analog synthesizers, etc – resulting in a collective sample pack. The composers then had to translate this audio material into a musical composition. They weren’t allowed to add anything, so each component is made with the same audio material.

It is striking to hear how the audio is interpreted, used and contextualized differently by the individual composers and how diverse and unique the compositions are. This clarifies the agency of the creators: they – not the audio – make the music. On the other hand, the audio sources demarcate a certain musical terrain, similar as to the limits of an acoustic instrument.

Above all, the Communal Music series is a celebration of experimental music and the collaboration between – often underappreciated – artists.