Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Heaviness with no Heaviness. New single is OUT NOW!

Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Heaviness with no Heaviness

Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Heaviness with no Heaviness (single)

1. Emptiness Has Come
2. Heaviness with no Heaviness

Here's only emptiness and its echo, the heaviness of emptiness – enormous, becoming abstract, and thus growing absolute. But, nonetheless, there’s no heaviness within.

This is the second single to the hypothetic album by Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices]. As well as the previous one, this release consists of two tracks – a song and its strange echo. Zhertvoprinosheniya –necro-rock formation from (St) Petersburg – experiments here with trip-hop mixing it with non-orthodox «metal».

The material was recorded on tape at mmmesss studio in winter of 2018. If you find god within, kill him immediately.

Max Evstropov: voice
Denis Sorokin: guitar
Sergei Tumanov: drums, Kärl
Alexander Markvart: bass
Stepan Kachalin: trumpet, tambourine
Peter Kupriyanov: trombone

Music: Denis Sorokin (1), Alexander Markvart (2) / Zhertvoprinosheniya
Text: Max Evstropov

Recorded by Anton Vo at mmmesss Studio, January 2018
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Markvart

Cover art by Max Evstropov
Akt-Produkt, vovne, 2020