Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Duke Dirt - Sergei Tumanov

Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Duke Dirt

Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Duke Dirt

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Amazing dark acoustic, experimentalfuneral-eai project from Saint-Petersburg!

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Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Duke Dirt
(digital) [akt-produkt 30]

The second «official» album of Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices], an ensemble of «experimental funeral music» from Saint Petersburg, does not sound characteristic for this project at all. This is not electroacoustic drone doom so peculiar for their early times (check out their first «official» album – akt-produkt 21), and this is not experimental black (or even «no black») played by the band today. This is a side branch with completely acoustic sound and minimalistic set of instruments (piano, flute, voice, the only means of amplification is a megaphone that is also used as a standalone instrument). Within this side trajectory of their, development Zhertvoprinosheniya have prepared a whole «song» program that, however, was presented live only once in September of 2014 (this album, actually, is a documentation of that concert). Nevertheless, structured prepared numbers (piano minimalism in the manner of either Morton Feldman or Arvo Pärt) still alternate here with crawling chaos of abstract improvisations. And through the air of the concert, light and vast in a whole, a distant rumble resounds – that of the duke-dirt just awakened, or of the big headless mother.

Denis Sorokin – piano
Nikolay Mayevsky – flute
Max Evstropov – voice, megaphone, text

music by Denis Sorokin (## 1,2,4) and Zhertvoprinosheniya (# 5)
## 3 and 6 are collective improvisations

recorded live at Experimental Sound Gallery ESG-21 on September 7th 2014
recorded by Boris Shershenkov
mixed and mastered by Sergei Tumanov
cover art by Max Evstropov

Akt-Produkt, vovne, 2017