Sound engineering and music production services from NCTMMRN studio! - Sergei Tumanov

Sound engineering and music production services from NCTMMRN studio!

NCTMMRN is offering sound engineering and music production services for affordable prices!

Studio services:

  • Sound editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Sound recording
  • Music production

You can listen to the studio works released on such labels as Meenna / Ftarri (Japan), Diafani (Germany)Poverty Electronics (USA) and NCTMMRN (Australia).

If you have any questions you can contact the studio directly by e-mail: nctmmrn (at) or through CONTACT FORM.


NCTMMRN Studio is here to help you to achieve the best sound for your project and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee: like it or you do not pay for it!

Your producer: Sergei Tumanov | Berklee online, music production specialization degree
Sergei Tumanov is a sound artist, music producer, sound engineer and a freelance musician. Sergei is a member of different projects with local and foreign musicians and artists with 20+ years of experience in making, producing and recording music both studio and live.

Our selected portfolio (click on the name to listen):

“We love experimental music and different forms of sound art and we love to work with different artists and explore new sounds and technologies to achieve artistic goals, either it’s our goals or yours. This is our passion and this is our main field of interest, if it is yours as well – do not hesitate to get in touch!” (NCTMMRN)