New album Жертвоприношения [Sacrifices] - The Dead Outnumber is out now! - Sergei Tumanov

New album Жертвоприношения [Sacrifices] – The Dead Outnumber is out now!

“This album is very important to me and I am proud to be given the privilege to be part of this band for quite some time. We did a lot together and we are still releasing material recorded a few years back, only now it sounds scarier and even more realistic than I dared to imagine back then.”–10–17

“The Dead Outnumber” is a very raw work, all tracks were recorded live in ascetic conditions, from one or two takes to tape.

“There were many of us,” says trumpeter Stepan Kachalin, “but not indecently many, then the Zhertvoprinosheniya had not yet grown into an orchestra.” The repetitiveness, economy and coarseness of sound means make the recording powerful, painful and adequate to the current moment.

Max Evstropov: voice, synthesizer, FX
Denis Sorokin: guitar
Sergei Tumanov: drums, Kärl
Alexander Markvart: bass
Nikolay Mayevsky: prepared bass
Stepan Kachalin: trumpet
Petr Kupriyanov: trombone

music: Denis Sorokin / Zhertvoprinosheniya
text: Max Evstropov

recording & mixing: Anton Vo / mmmesss records
mastering: Myrrman

design by Max Evstropov
artworks by Anastasia Vepreva from the series “Corpses”

Liner notes by Ivan Napreenko
NEN Records, 2023