2020: results - Sergei Tumanov

2020: results

Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues and THANK YOU ALL for what we have done together this year!

It is time to sum up 2020 and get ready for the NEW year.
This year was far from good and there are lots of things that happened, but I will concentrate on positive and musical stuff only.

This year, obviously, I played 0 shows in 0 cities in 0 countries, but I made quite a few releases including different collaborations in different genres.


as AVE Records LTD:

Talking about my personal music career I made 5 releases during this year:

  • iso112 | solo album (released by NCTMMRN, Australia)
  • 2020 | mini album with ..dno< (released by Poverty Electronics, USA)
  • Sunflower | song for Sombre Soniks (UK) V/A compilation, collaboration with Anthony Cooley (AU)
  • Begin in Bottom | a song for Poverty Electronics (USA) V/A compilation, with ..dno< 
  • Heaviness with no Heaviness | full-length album with Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] (Russia)

And one more is coming early 2021 which is my collaboration with Lärmschutz and an album “crossing the stream” which is going to be released on Poverty Electronics (USA). I am very excited about all of these releases! 

I also started working more with video and launched a few projects (including Negative Film Channel) and released a video installation “Under The Surface” on UNDER SOUND.

Together with my friend and amazing dramaturge Alexey Erberg, we released “The Alchemist” film and prior to it had a few collaborations among his “#flatdance” dance-video series. 

Also, due to being in lockdown here in Melbourne, I found quite some time to dedicate to my education and I managed to achieve two certificates in new professions, which are: 

  • Music Production (Berklee College of Music)
  • The Business of Music Production (Berklee College of Music)

I hope I didn’t forget anything, but first of all, I am grateful for all the opportunities and collaborations I was able to take part in during this year and I am looking forward to 2021 and I sincerely hope it will give us all some relief and things will finally start getting better for everyone. 

Wish you all an amazing new year and I wish you all the absolute best in 2021!