Month: January 2019

Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – Less Than Nothing

First studio release of Zhertvoprinosheniya [Sacrifices] – «Less Than Nothing» is OUT NOW! Experimental black metal with horns – but, anyway, it doesn’t sound like what one could imagine when hearing of «black metal» and, actually, what does this «black» of «black metal» mean? Negation, non-human, nothingness? Or even something that is less than nothing? Eat […]

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2018 results

Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues and thank you all for what we have done together already! 2018 was a productive year and I am looking forward to 2019! Some results of 2018: – I have started a new label NCTMMRN to release and promote experimental music. In 2018 this label released the […]

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