2018 results - Sergei Tumanov

2018 results

2018 results

Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues and thank you all for what we have done together already!

2018 was a productive year and I am looking forward to 2019!

Some results of 2018:

– I have started a new label NCTMMRN to release and promote experimental music. In 2018 this label released the following:

2019 schedule is pretty much set already, we will release a new album of Kenneth Kovasin (Finland) and his project [ówt krì], new collaboration live set of Denis Sorokin (Russia) and Eric Wong (Germany/USA), new collaboration live set of Sergei Tumanov (Russia/Australia) and Clinton Green (Australia) and much more!

– myself and a friend of mine, Denis Sorokin, started a new label dedicated to visual arts – UNDER SOUND. We have already released the following video projects:

More interesting projects are on the way, including a collaboration project of ..dno< sound theater (Russia/Australia), Eric Wong (USA/Germany),  Mari Oku (Japan/Australia) and Stepan Liubimov (Russia) and much more!

– I have played concerts in collaboration with Australian musicians: Michael McNabAnthony CooleyJonathan HeilbronClinton Green and Dave Brown. I am looking forward to new interesting collaborations in 2019!

Additionally in numbers:
9 releases in 2018 in Australia, Russia, UK and Finland.
6 media installations in Berlin, St.Petersburg and Melbourne.
1 European tour with ..dno<
17 shows in total in Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Australia