Split release of Animi Vultus & Ksyatriya! - Sergei Tumanov

Split release of Animi Vultus & Ksyatriya!

Split release of Animi Vultus & Ksyatriya is available now!

Dear friends!

We are thrilled to announce the official release of ‘Discrimination’ – a split release with our dear friends Ksyatriya !

The entire album is now available via digital download on Bandcamp for ‘Pay-as-you-wish’ (no minimum)


Track listing:
01 Ksyatriya – (R).egimented (A).utocratic (C).ontrol (I).n the (S).ubdivision of (M).ankind (9:33)
02 Ksyatriya – Rise of the Femme Order: Bigot Cleansing (10:28)
03 Animi Vultus – Joy of Existence (31:48)

We forward our deep gratitude to the following parties for their invaluable contributions towards making this album a reality: Burning Chalice (https://www.instagram.com/burning_chalice/), Trishay J Trada (Ksyatriya), Dmitry Afanasyev (Naruzko), Denis Sorokin (dno< sound theater), everyone from AVE Records and AVE Booking and @sophologia for their invaluable contributions and support towards this release!

On this day 54 years ago, a very special man named Dr Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech that would change the course of history in the name of freedom, equality and truth. On behalf of both bands, ‘Discrimination’ is a tribute to that man and countless other social activists that have sacrificed their personal livelihoods for the genuine betterment of others.

Stay free and true, always!
Rahul J Trada, Trishay J Trada & Serj Saliatahn