Sergei Tumanov, dno installation, Wong-Sorokin-Markvart at PAS! - Sergei Tumanov

Sergei Tumanov, dno installation, Wong-Sorokin-Markvart at PAS!

Sergei Tumanov, ..dno< installation, Wong-Sorokin-Markvart at PAS! Berlin 19 March 2018!

[CEAatPAS program]


Sergei Tumanov solo

..dno< sound theater presents sound installation for PAS

Eric Wong / Denis Sorokin / Alexander Markvart trio


19/03 | 20:30
entrance 5 + donation
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101
Petersburg Art Space
Berlin, Germany


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Sergei Tumanov is a sound artist and freelance musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Nowadays Sergei is living in Melbourne, Australia. Sergei’s music is mostly based on directions of improvised noise, drone and ambient genres.

As an independent/freelance musician Sergei has released several albums, including with the projects: ..dno< sound theater, spaceking, animi vultus, oksymoron, naruzko, sacrifices. His works are available in digital (iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp) and physical formats (CDs, cassettes) in Australia, Russia, Europe and USA.

As a part of ..dno< sound theater Sergei performed at several major art events, festivals and contemporary art exhibitions in Russia and Europe (including such festivals as “Museum Night”, “Open Look”, “Aposition” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia); “Disainiöö” (Tallinn, Estonia); “Akusmata” (Helsinki, Finland), “Performance Art Festival – PerfImmaterial 2017” (Pori, Finland); and many others.

Sergei is also working as a sound-producer, composer and sound engineer for movie projects in Russia and Australia.

Sergei is focusing on researching new ways of sound and sound extraction from different objects (electronic and domestic) and uses different sound/noise generators together with acoustic and electronic instruments.


..dno< sound installation with Eric Wong

“…In Berlin we are also making and presenting a sound installation project, made in a collaboration with Eric Wong (on which we will be working there in the art residency).”



Eric Wong – Born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, studied Psychology at the University of Minnesota, a guitarist and computer musician. Although he has taken some lessons at younger age, he is pretty much an autodidact. His main focuses are sound textures and perception of sound.

Currently based Berlin, he has performed in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Macau, USA, Taiwan, China, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Norway.

In 2016 he co-curated and performed in UNSTUMM HONG KONG, a cross media improvisation performance with musicians and visual artists from Germany and Hong Kong.

Denis Sorokin is a musician, improviser and painter from Saint-Petersburg. He was educated as classical and jazz guitarist and now performs a new academic music, mostly of Wandelweiser’s composers and creates his own transcriptions for guitar of originaly compositions of John Cage, Morton Feldman, Galina Ustvolskaya and other composers. Records released on lables Intonema (Russia), Poverty Electronics (USA), pan y rosas discos (USA), b-boim (Austria) and others. Among releases – records of music of Michael Pisaro, Stefan Thut, Bruno Duplant, Kirill Shirokov and joint records with Alexey Sysoev, Ilia Belorukov, Sergei Tumanov, Barry Chabala and others. Also he makes an artwork for musical albums as such as couple CDs of Another Timbre lable and others. Played concerts with Sergey Tchirkov, Roman Stolyar, Alexey Borisov, Patrick K.-H, Alexander Markvart, Kurt Liedwart, Stefano Ferrian, Florian Stoffner, Angel Ontalva and many others.

Alexander Markvart – is a musician, member of theater projects and organizer of events and festivals. Now based in Berlin and St.Petersburg. At the moment he is notable figure on russian new improvised and experimental scene. Stylistically he works in a lot of musical genres from radical free improvisation, EAI, noise, hardcore, to well-structured projects, minimal techno and post-folk. Founder of such polystylistic musical formations as Studio of Unconscious Music (SUM) and Siberian Improvisation Company (SIC!). Works and plays concerts in various projects with different musicians such as: Fire! (Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling, Andreas Werliin), Axel Dörner, Jacques Demierre, Jonas Kocher, Joel Grip, Pierre Borel, Mikolaj Trzaska, Rafal Mazur, Miguel A. Garcia, Gaudenz Badrutt, Hector Rey, Florian Stoffner, Ramon Prats, Tom Chant, Raphaël Ortis, Antoine Läng, Diatribes, Ilia Belorukov, Alexei Borisov, Plaistow, Stefano Ferrian, Edyta Fil, Wojciech Kwapisiński, Tomek Chołoniewski, Daichi Yoshikawa, Gleb Uspensky, Andrei Popovsky, Nick Sudnik, Stanislav Makovsky and many others. Since 2011, Alexander actively plays concerts in different tours in Europe and Russia. Participant of international festivals Blurred Edges (Hamburg), APosition (Spb), Long Arms (Moscow), Jazz Bez (Lublin), Riga Poetry Map (Riga), Urban Poetry Fest (Riga), Music of Present (St.Petersburg), Theses Fest (Kemerovo). Also he is one of the founders of independent label “Akt-Produkt”. Organizer of festivals and concerts in Siberia and St.Petersburg. The most significant of which is the festival of different arts “Theses Fest”. Site editor of