Premiere of "Under The Surface" - the new video-installation from Sergei Tumanov - Sergei Tumanov

Premiere of “Under The Surface” – the new video-installation from Sergei Tumanov

I am happy to announce that my new video installation is going to be released by Australian video art label UNDER SOUND.
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29 July 2020 at 19:00: Premiere of the new video-installation
from Sergei Tumanov

The given visual installation by Sergei Tumanov is dedicated to the world of 2020 and represents a feeling of being in limited space with lots of pressure from all directions and as a metaphorical representation of the concept, the main object in the video is water.

Even though water might also represent the flow of life, it creates pressure which might be unmanageable for those who are not equipped. The right mental state might be the equipment to stay safe and thus find an exit from any situation and that is the main idea of the video.

For the video, Sergei is using an underwater action camera (under the surface) to create a feeling of pressure which is, however, decreasing closer to the end of the video to represent the hope of finding an exit and letting all the water (fears, anxiety) go away.

Video production, camera, idea, editing – Sergei Tumanov
Music production – Sergei Tumanov

Video recorded and edited in Melbourne, Australia 2020.
Soundtrack recorded, mixed, and mastered at NCT Studio by Sergei Tumanov, July 2020.

Release: Under Sound | USND003