New release: Live in Melbourne, Australia. - Sergei Tumanov

New release: Live in Melbourne, Australia.

New release: Live in Melbourne, Australia!

New release is finally published!
Live in Melbourne, Australia! The collaboration concert with Michael McNab was recorded at Make It Up Club (27th March 2018) and now released by Australian label NCTMMRN!
This release is available as digital downloading, limited edition CDRs and soon will be released on cassettes!
Check it out from the label’s official bandcamp page!
Recorded at Make It Up Club  Melbourne – Australia, 27 March 2018  Recorded, mixed, mastered by Sergei Tumanov  Sound engineer – Stevie Richards  Cover design by Sergei Tumanov original pictures by Mari Oku  Special greetings to those who made this concert possible:  Stevie Richards, Annalee Koernig, Sergey Fedotov, Maxim Tkachenko,  Mari Oku, Ari Sharp, Denis Sorokin, Sofia Laulajainen.
Sergei Tumanov – laptop, objects, electronics  Michael McNab – drums, percussion, objects