New EP 2021​.​2​.​4​.​12​.​3​.​1 is OUT NOW! - Sergei Tumanov

New EP 2021​.​2​.​4​.​12​.​3​.​1 is OUT NOW!

New EP with the name “2021​.​2​.​4​.​12​.​3​.​1” is out now on Sergei Tumanov’s BANDCAMP page and soon will be also available through all streaming platforms.

2021​.​2​.​4​.​12​.​3​.​1 EP – click here to LISTEN / BUY

Sergei Tumanov - 2021​.​2​.​4​.​12​.​3​.​1 | EP

Track “2021.” is based on “Knickpoint” track. The original track is released on the “crossing the stream” album by Lärmschutz & Sergei Tumanov on Poverty Electronics (USA).
January 2021.

Tracks “2021.” and “2021.” are based on “Earth: experience” one-track album which was released on NCTMMRN (Australia) in December 2017.

Sergei Tumanov – ppooll, field recordings

Mixed, mastered and produced by Sergei Tumanov

Original cover artwork by Denis Sorokin