Earth: experience - Sergei Tumanov

Earth: experience

Earth: experience

Dear friends, 
today is the day when my new solo album is finally released!

Welcome to the “Earth: experience” journey through space and time!

This album has one 55-minute-long track which is an original soundtrack to the interactive installation made by dno< sound theater & DIPP in 2017 and presented at 2,04 gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) as a part of “Night of Museums 2017” Festival. This installation had more than a thousand visitors and took place in the gallery for a week, as a part of Арт Центр Пушкинская exhibitions.

Music written by Sergei Tumanov.
Produced by Sergei Tumanov and Ivan Werber.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergei Tumanov in Turku, Finland, 2017.

Special greetings to those who made this project possible and supported this release: Anastasia PatseyDenis Sorokin, Ivan Werber, Anya Mytsul, Alexey Erberg, Sofia Laulajainen, Trishay J. Trada & Dmitry Afanasyev !

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