..dno< similarity - Sergei Tumanov

..dno< similarity

..dno< similarity

It’s time to introduce a new album from ..dno< sound theater which is called “Similarity”.

This album was recorded exactly two years ago at St. Petersburg’s studio spina rec by our permanent sound engineer and friend Ilia Belorukov. The record consists of two tracks, in each track is a certain looping of the form referencing to each other. Self-repetition inside of itself, which hence the name of the release.

This album is available for free download during one month only! And of course, for a permanent listening!


Sergei Tumanov – diy objects, syntheziser, objects
Denis Sorokin – electric guitar, objects, radio, stroboscope 
Recorded by Ilia Belorukov 27 January 2016 at Spina Studio, Saint-Petersburg.

Mixed and Mastered by Ilia Belorukov

Cover artwork by @saliatahn 
Original cover photo by @sophologia