25 July 2018 – The FitzroyPinnacle | EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC WEDNESDAY - Sergei Tumanov

25 July 2018 – The FitzroyPinnacle | EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC WEDNESDAY

25 July 2018 – The Fitzroy Pinnacle | EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC WEDNESDAY

Sergei Tumanov solo

DIPP | METRO – video installation


25/07 | 19:30

entrance FREE

251 St. Georges Road, Fitzroy North 3068, Victoria, Australia

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DIPP | METRO – video installation (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

dipp – is an alliance of various artists that aims to research the field of art.  dipp regularly presents new artistic projects at various festivals in Russia and Europe (including such festivals as Festival of Light. Venus (St. Petersburg, Gatchina. Russia); Festival “New Europe” (Prague, Czech Republic); Trimurti (Moscow, Russia); SIAREX (Klyašterec, Czech Republic) and many others). dipp is widely known for its audio and video Installations, photographic projects, exhibitions and live shows and performances in Russia, Germany and Czech Republic.

This project is a short documentary film which was shot in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. This film is about the Petersburg metro before and after the terrorist attack which took place on April 4, 2017. The first part of the film shows the metro before the attack and the second documents it after. Everything was filmed on iPhone 5s, only using a slow-motion effect, there are no further effects added. All noises and sounds come from the frame.

Author: Ivan Werber (DIPP) vk.com/dippwerber

Sergei Tumanov (Russia / Australia)

Sergei Tumanov is a sound artist and freelance musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Nowadays he lives in Melbourne, Australia. Sergei is collaborating and working with a wide range of different projects that involve local and foreign musicians, dancers, video artists, performers and theatres. Sergei’s music is mostly based on elements of improvised noise, drone, eai and ambient genres. Sergei regularly performs at different art events, festivals and contemporary art exhibitions in Russia, Australia and Europe.

Sergei is also working as a sound-producer, composer and sound engineer for video projects and movies. The main focus of his work is an exploration of new sounds and sound extraction from various everyday objects (electronic and domestic use items) and use of different sound/noise generators together with acoustic and electronic instruments, field recordings and exploring a relationship and interaction between an artist/performer and his/her environment (whether it is nature or city or else).


CLEANINGLADY (Melbourne, Australia)

Сleaninglady is a project of Stevie Richards (Melbourne, Australia). Stevie manages both a Career as a Saxophonist across many genres and as an Experimental Music practitioner who builds and performs on several types of Modular Synth and Noise based sound machines. Stevie has performed throughout Europe, Japan and the US. He tours yearly self-funded. Stevie recently completed a European Tour where he performed and gave workshops exclusively on his hand-built Buchla Music Easel. He performed and conducted workshops in London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Stevie’s music is based around improvisation and sound art, without preparation and produced on the spot. Tonight he will be doing an all effects pedals set using only contact mic as a starting point and processed through a few pedals. This will be a more minimal, ambient set; focusing on deep listening and micro-movements producing fragile yet powerful sonic statements.