2019 results - Sergei Tumanov

2019 results

Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues and thank you all for what we have done together already!


2019 was good and productive!

I played 19 shows in 13 cities in 7 countries, made 5 releases in different genres, made 6 releases as NCTMMRN and 1 release as AVE Records LTD and the most important I got engaged 

Looking forward to 2020 and wish you all a wonderful year full of music, art, fun and new experiences!


2019 Releases:

2019 – Less Than Nothing | Жертвоприношения

2019 – Vices of our time | Naruzko

2019 – The Spring Of The Earth (song for Sombre Soniks (UK) V/A compilation)

2019 – Live At The Fitzroy Pinnacle, Melbourne, Australia | collaboration with Anthony Cooley (Australia)

2019 – Termite’s Mandibles Will Read the Tablets of the Sacred Texts | Жертвоприношения