Visual art

Sergei Tumanov is also working as a video artist creating sound/visual installations. On this page you can find his newest visual art projects. Sergei is also running an independent video label UNDER SOUND along with Denis Sorokin



Michael Pisaro “melody, silence”


performed by Denis Sorokin
video by Sergei Tumanov
music by: Michael Pisaro

sound engineer Boris Shershenkov
recorded at ProToArt Festival, Manege, Saint-Petersburg, Russia July 21st 2018.

This recording was part of a large festival of contemporary art and sound, with several contiguous spaces with simultaneous programs. For the performance of “melody, silence” both audience and musician listened with headphones. This recording is what the audience heard. Other non-guitar sounds (i.e., from the environment) are what the guitar pickups recorded directly as Sorokin played. This video, made by Sergei Tumanov to reflect the patterned repetitions in Denis Sorokin’s realization of the piece, was projected during the performance.

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