Sergei Tumanov's projects | solo and collaborations


Here you can find information about current and past collaborations between Sergei and other artists. Sergei Tumanov's music projects are listed below. Sergei is mainly working as a freelance musician and sound artist, however, during several years, he has efficiently been participating with other musicians and artists.


Sergei Tumanov solo
Genre: drone, noise, eai, ambient, experimental, soundtracks, soundscapes, field recordings, sound art
Position: this is the main solo project, publishing as Sergei Tumanov as well as Saliatahn
Years: since 1996
Releases: The New (1996), The Reflection Of Spiritual Condition (1997), split with Denis Sorokin (2014), Objects And Flows (2014), Consequences (2016), Earth: experience (2017), Live in Melbourne, Australia (2018), Melupurkaus (2018), Live At The Fitzroy Pinnacle, Melbourne, Australia (2019)
..dno< sound theater
Genre: drone, noise, eai, ambient, experimental, soundscapes, field recordings
Position: co-founder, instruments & objects, tour management
Years: since 2014
Releases: Untitled (2015), Ritual Machine (2015), Grave Molto (2015), Invisible fields (2015), Copernicum (2015), अंधकार (2016), 2.04 (2017), Similarity (2018), Live in Tallinn, Estonia (2018)
Genre: drone, experimental, no black, metal, avant-garde
Position: drums, electronics, effects, percussion, sound-engineering
Years: since 2016
Releases: I Would Like to Kill (live compilation part 1) (2018), Thermodynamics (live compilation part 2) (2018), Less Than Nothing (2019), Termite’s Mandibles Will Read the Tablets of the Sacred Texts (2019), Heaviness with no Heaviness (2020)
Animi Vultus

Genre: experimental, black metal, doom metal, avant-garde
Position: founder, manager, all instruments
Years: since 2002
Releases: Ia Tenebrarum (2002), Angels of Disharmony (2003), Falling (2004), Reflections Of Unholy Souls (2009), Fragments (2010), Winter Night (2011), Innerside (2012), Discrimination (2017)

Naruzko promo
Project: NARUZKO
Genre: experimental electronics, trip-hop, abstract rap
Position: co-founder, drums, electronics, management
Years: since 2014
Releases: Probability as Dust (2015), Vices of Our Time (2019)


Undeon promo
Project: UNDEON
Genre: post metal, progressive metal
Position: guitar, management
Years: 2014 - 2017
Spaceking logo
Genre: co-founder, post-metal, sludge, stoner rock
Position: guitar
Years: 2009 - 2013, 2017
Releases: Boot Leg (2011), In the Court of the Spaceking (2013)
Oksymoron promo
Genre: avant-garde metal, black metal, melodic metal
Position: Founder, guitar, management
Years: 2002 - 2011
Releases: Thesecondemon (2004), Rebirth (2005), promo (2006), Godog (2012)